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elderflower + fruti juices NFC*

*Amount of juices by quantity: grape, sea buckthorn, quince

Isotonic drink

Feeling tired during training? Replenish your body with energy for action. The isotonic drink IsoFit with elderflower flavour and NFC fruit juices is a supplement for physically active people.

raspberry + pear
Hypotonic drink

Endurance training, an attempt to break a record, a race against time before a competition - prepare your body before taking on a challenge.

raspberry + apple*

*Amount of juices by quantity: apple juice NFC, raspberry puree, quince juice

Hypertonic drink

The workout of a lifetime has sucked the energy out of you? Regain strength in no time. The raspberry-apple flavoured IsoFit hypertonic drink is a supplement designed for physically active people.