The power of nature for the demanding

About us

Pure nature
enclosed in a bottle

IsoFit is a brand created with thirst in mind – because we know that in addition to the desire
to win medals and beat new records, athletes want tailored, natural supplementation to support them physically in achieving their goals.

Make your training
as fruitful as possible

IsoFit is a range of functional drinks that comprehensively support active athletes before, during and after training. Its natural composition, low calorific value and great taste make IsoFit the only such attractive and healthy alternative to isotonic drinks available on the market.

a source of vitamin C

supporting your immune system

a source of potassium

supporting the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles

comprehensive supplementation

at every step of activity: before, during and after

high carbohydrate content

contributing to the restoration of normal muscle function

natural composition

the product is composed exclusively of natural products, including NFC juices from Polish fruit